Confluxsys: Intelligent Identity Governance

Rahul Jha,Co-Founder and Manish Baid, Co-Founder
While data is the driving force behind improved efficiency and performance, Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) personnel have limited context information and lack simple interface and efficient processes to drive access data and access certification campaigns. This is what Confluxsys intends to change. The Fremont-based company is extending the frontiers of knowledge and intelligence in identity management with its identity and access management services and solutions.

“With a seasoned team in the identity governance and administration domain, we have evolved into a business and risk and compliance program, empowering businesses to manage identity governance, with core modules that offer user access review, role mining, and identity data quality analysis. In doing so, we harness analytics and visualization libraries to make it easier for the business users to perform identity governance and access management,” explains Rahul Jha, Co-founder, Confluxsys.

“We strive to make the idea of identity governance and management closer to businesses rather than closer to technology,” adds Manish Baid, Co-founder. While typical vendors have been taking the cookie-cutter approach for decades now, Confluxsys is turning the tide as it brings to the table more intelligence by analyzing the data and giving profound insights to the users to make roles, policies, and right decisions effectively.

The company’s access certification and data quality analysis solution leverages machine learning techniques and data analysis frameworks which can analyze the data, summarize, and provide insights in a more automated way. “One of our core modules is user access certification, which is the periodic review of the user access or even event-based certifications,” explains Manish. On the role definition aspect in role mining, Confluxsys seamlessly enables visualizing and identifying role clusters that businesses can perform based on user hierarchy. Powered by an agile approach, the company’s IGA process is focused on a crowd-sourced strategy where the team harnesses the client organization’s knowledge, which allows business users to take control in their own hands and define their business processes themselves.

We harness analytics and visualization libraries to make it easier for the business users to perform identity governance and access management

“Adopters of Confluxsys’ solutions have witnessed reduced rubber stamping process. Their overall certification time got reduced to one-third and the business users have the contextual information in one single pane of glass to make a decision. Our goal is to assist users, approvers, and requesters by collecting, analyzing, and providing the complete information so that they can make the right decisions,” adds Rahul. Elaborating the company’s expertise in enhanced identity governance and access management, Rahul recalls an instance when Confluxsys assisted one of the large financial organizations to seamlessly perform their access certification. With over 200 applications, the customer was implementing certifications and had specific requirements with regard to the details about access or impediments in the system. This is when they approached Confluxsys’ team. The team implemented an innovative framework approach—a framework where customers can configure multiple applications seamlessly with the touch of a button. “We were able to build decoupled systems, where even if the underlying governance platform is down, the user experience is not affected. The users can still submit their certification decisions,” explains Manish.

Scripting similar success stories, Confluxsys is waiting for a patent for their advanced visualization solution. Confluxsys is working on adding more data sets to the analysis to bring more intelligence to the current and future framework and technology offerings.


Fremont, CA

Rahul Jha,Co-Founder and Manish Baid, Co-Founder

An identity, governance and analytics focused solutions and consulting services company with extensive domain experience in identity and access management (IAM), identity federation, web services security, security information management (SIM), and compliance