SailPoint: The Power of Identity

Mark McClain, Co-Founder & CEO The world is more advanced and interconnected than it has ever been and this interconnectivity will only continue to grow. But the advances come at a cost. Although it has become far easier to access information through channels like IoT and multichannel technology; businesses need to secure their sensitive information against cyberattacks in order to keep their organizations afloat. It is pertinent to note that the manner in which organizations are being attacked is shifting—the workforce has become fodder for hackers. Employees, contractors, vendors, and partners are the keys to accessing sensitive data; it is quicker and easier to trick a person than it is to penetrate a secure enterprise network. Identity is becoming the attack vector of choice for hackers.

Identity governance—secure access to applications and data by knowing and controlling who has access to what—is giving organizations the power to build a modern security infrastructure that is centered around users and their access to organizational data. By starting at the source and managing the easiest target in organizations, its employees, businesses can find a way to move forward without fear.

With the power of identity, organizations can curb the growing security concerns and bring forth an environment where one can see all the accessible information across cloud and on-premises applications and minimize the risks associated with user access.

SailPoint is one of the pioneers to bring business users into the identity conversation. The company develops identity solutions through the lens of solving business challenges and converts identity from an IT expense into an important part of the enterprise. SailPoint’s industry-leading identity platform empowers enterprises to protect critical digital resources and propels their success by enabling users to access the applications and data they need—where, when, and how they need it.

In 2005, Mark McClain, CEO and co-founder, and Kevin Cunningham, chief strategy officer and co-founder of SailPoint, set out to create a new type of company: one that promised to provide innovative solutions to business problems and an exciting, collaborative work environment for identity rock stars. Together, they are redefining identity’s place in the security ecosystem. The duo loves taking on new challenges, holding themselves to the highest standards, and delivering on their promises to customers. “Creating a great company doesn’t happen by accident. It takes leadership and focus from the top, an innovative work environment that attracts the best talent in the industry, and a collective passion to solve customer problems,” says McClain.
Identity: A Business Enabler

In SailPoint’s hundreds of identity governance implementations, from replacing outdated legacy solutions to starting a brand new security program from square one, they have seen it all. According to the experts at SailPoint, when an organization incorporates a robust identity governance process and solution, one that addresses structured and unstructured data, they can look to the future without the looming fear of data breaches.

SailPoint believes identity is not an IT security issue, but a business enabler and through the power of identity, one can enter new markets, forge new partnerships, expand the workforce, and implement new technologies. SailPoint’s open identity platform gives customers the competitive advantage they need and the power to move forward securely and confidently. As both an industry pioneer and market leader in identity governance, SailPoint delivers security, operational efficiency, and compliance to enterprises with complex IT environments. SailPoint’s customers are among the world’s largest companies in virtually every industry. “When preparedness meets opportunity, success happens. SailPoint recognized an emerging problem, found a way to address it, and now has the leading solution for one of today’s premier business and technology challenges,” adds Cunningham.

Creating a great company doesn’t happen by accident. It takes leadership and focus from the top, an innovative work environment

Easy Identity Management

Managing access to information in today’s dynamic, data-driven environment is a challenge, one that requires much more from identity and access management (IAM) solutions than before. By leveraging SailPoint’s IdentityIQ and its Open Identity Platform, organizations can put IAM at the center of their security and IT strategy, allowing them to easily see and govern access across the entire enterprise including systems and applications on premises and in the cloud.

IdentityIQ is SailPoint's identity and access management solution for enterprise customers that prefer an on-premises deployment. It helps users effectively participate in a wide variety of IAM processes, including automated access certifications, policy management, access request and provisioning, password management, and identity intelligence. And, with resource connectors included as part of the base platform, it delivers out-of-the-box integration to a wide variety of applications running in the data center or the cloud. Uniquely, it also provides the option of a staged on-ramp to the cloud for customers that need an on-premises solution, but also want the future-proofing ability to transition over time to IAM-as-a-service (IDaaS).
IdentityIQ allows customers to manage access from any device, centralize visibility and governance controls to reduce risk and boost productivity while reducing costs. The difference is clear as IdentityIQ is designed for the business user, translating IT speak into actionable business information and simplifying the user experience. IdentityIQ is ready for today’s complex hybrid IT environments, unifying identity management processes across cloud, mobile, and on-premises environments. SailPoint’s governance-based approach centralizes visibility, improves compliance, and minimizes risk by uniformly applying controls across all IAM services—significantly lowering deployment costs.

"SailPoint recognized an emerging problem, found a way to address it, and now has the leading solution for one of today’s top business and technology challenges"

In an instance, one of the leading providers of ‘saving and paying for college’ programs, Sallie Mae which services billions of dollars in education loans and college-savings plans, needed a cost-effective alternative to expensive manual processes for demonstrating compliance with federal regulations such as SOX, PCI, and FISMA, and for conducting SAS 70 audits. Sallie Mae chose SailPoint’s IdentityIQ to improve its compliance performance while saving time and money. The new automated processes eliminated time-consuming spreadsheets and cumbersome manual reviews, simplified IT administration during access certification, and improved oversight of identity data.

Protecting the Future

One other offering of SailPoint, IdentityNow, has become a key component in the quest of organizations to enhance their identity security. Through the solution, enterprises can take advantage of the cost savings, simplicity, and flexibility of the cloud in a way that is secure and compliant with corporate policy. This provides users with enterprise-grade identity governance capabilities that are always available, up-to-date, and accessible from any device, at any time. Its different features like IdentityNow Provisioning, IdentityNow, and IdentityNow Password Management empower business users with a truly mobile business experience featuring a simple user interface with intuitive self-service features.

Today, SailPoint has a long track record of driving innovation and powering successful outcomes in identity management. “Enterprises require an identity governance solution that enables them to securely manage their hybrid IT ecosystems in order to confidently deliver the right level of access to their users, at the right time, regardless of where or how they are accessing the applications,” says Cunningham. SailPoint continues to extend its reach in the identity governance market because of three key reasons: “first, we continue to out-innovate the market and deliver meaningful capabilities that our customers require; second, we’re laser-focused on ensuring the success of our customers; and finally, we’ve built the world’s largest partner network to deliver identity expertise in every region and industry.”


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Mark McClain, Co-Founder & CEO and Kevin Cunningham, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

SailPoint’s open identity platform gives enterprises the power to enter new markets, scale their workforces, embrace new technologies, innovate faster, and compete on a global basis