Brahmarsk Corporation: Democratizing Robust Biometric Security

Dr. Lalitha Kaleedhass, Managing Director
In a rapidly digitalizing world where anyone with basic computer know-how knowledge could lay hands on someone else’s private data, security has become an ever growing concern to consumers as well as organizations across industries. From personal identification numbers (PIN) to easy-type passwords, businesses utilize multiple types of authentication technologies to secure their users’ private data. Regardless of how powerful these verification methods may be, they leverage multi-factor authentication (MFA) for easy access and recovery of credentials. But, ease of access does not necessarily translate into robust security. After all, even MFA can be circumvented. A promising alternative that comes closest to fool-proof identity validation is biometrics such as facial recognition and fingerprint scanning. Their adoption amongst enterprises—especially the consumer-facing ones—is on the rise. Yet, businesses still lack clarity and face hurdles in wholly adopting the technology while end-users, on the other hand, demand ‘unbreakable shields’ to secure their data. Enter Brahmarsk Corporation, with their end-to-end identity access and governance solutions.

“We offer a sophisticated identification and authorization system that employs biometric authentication methods such as face and fingerprint using the patented double-trust method,” says Dr. Karthik Kaleedhass, the Director of Brahmarsk Corporation.

Most systems have knowledge-based fallbacks such as PIN, passwords, or security questions that can be misused. “My face or fingerprint protected smartphone can be unlocked with just a PIN. This is because user’s knowledge has more trust weight than biometrics,” says Dr. Kaleedhass.

The firm’s identity solution called MemoryID combines both knowledge (PINs, passwords) and biometrics into a single process eliminating all risks and increases security. Brahmarsk uses first-of-its-kind double-trust authentication method allows users to input the knowledge using biometrics. In this method, biometrics security cannot be bypassed with knowledge and most importantly eliminates the risks in current biometrics systems making users information vulnerable.

Brahmarsk caters to a wide range of sectors including government, banking, corporate and financial services.

We offer a sophisticated identification and authorization system that employs biometric authentication methods using double-trust MemoryID method

Available as on-premise, on cloud or both, an organization can easily ‘plug-and-play’ this solution as it supports industry standards. The technology can also work with existing (Identity and Access Management) systems and uses existing hardware for biometrics. Also, the solution readily uses raw biometrics data from various sources eliminating a need for separate enrollment exercise. Kaleedhass emphasizes the fact that the on-premise solution can be easily integrated upon existing infrastructure which inevitably saves organizations’ their bottom-line. In one instance, Brahmarsk helped a global bank successfully reduce its total cost ownership by more than 85 percent in a year and increase their productivity by 90 percent.

One of the major payment networks has partnered with Brahmarsk.

Not only do Brahmarsk’s offerings bring in a higher level of security for both organizations and consumers but it also allows users to have complete control over their data as their accounts cannot be accessed without authorization. Brahmarsk’s solution for end-consumers would need a basic smartphone with a minimum of a one-megapixel camera to leverage this technology such that anyone can protect their data even without an expensive device on hand.

Brahmarsk is revolutionizing the cybersecurity space for over 18 years, has 22 patented technologies, is protecting over 230 million identities worldwide. With an aim to venture into the consumer market, Kaleedhass says, “We will be launching an application that consumers can simply download and guard their e-mail IDs, social media accounts or any other form of private data on any devices.” Brahmarsk participates in both U.S. Privacy Shield Frameworks, and its solutions are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certified.

Brahmarsk Corporation

Sugar Land, TX

Dr. Lalitha Kaleedhass, Managing Director and Dr. Karthik Kaleedhass, Director

The firm offers end-to-end security solutions that help organizations manage security and reduce risks