Safetrust: Harvesting the Power of Mobile Identities

Jason Hart, CEO & Co-Founder
A large global enterprise was looking to modernize and simplify how employees access a wide variety of corporate systems and resources. As they faced demands of a workforce that was increasingly mobile-centric, it became clear that their aging systems weren’t compatible and would require tens of millions of dollars in upgrades and replacements. In a world more advanced and interconnected than ever before, enterprises looking for simplification found themselves in a patchwork of disparate vendor apps on the same device. As a result, companies were left with a myriad of different solutions that had poor interoperability, limited capabilities and general lack of user acceptance.

Enter Safetrust, a global solution provider that’s uniquely engineered their mobile identity access platform to be backward compatible with legacy systems whilst addressing the integrated forward-looking capabilities that organizations are seeking. Safetrust offers the Safetrust Wallet, a mobile app capable of emulating existing ID cards for access to facilities while also replacing passwords, tokens, and out-of-band password generators. The Safetrust Wallet allows you to store multiple credentials all in one secure place, enabling BYOD authentication for both physical and logical access. It also supports the use of PKI Based virtual smart cards for closed-loop payments, secure printing, desktop authentication, and web-based applications leveraging 2FA. Additionally, where most solutions stop short, Safetrust address encryption and signing where customers can choose a government ID card standard NIST- 800-73 in virtual form.

But its broad capabilities are only half of the story. Safetrust purpose-built their platform to specifically address the unique challenges that the largest enterprises face. On the physical security side; users carrying multiple ID cards, insecure authentication, and aging access control systems that cost millions to replace with middling benefits that are difficult to justify. The SafeAccess solution allows enterprises to leave their existing systems in place, which is not only extremely cost-effective but also increases the security by adding an encrypted tunnel where it previously didn’t exist. Through hardware such as their SABRE DECAL or Safetrust Integrated Covers, Bluetooth to RFID gateway modules, organizations can transition to mobility at their own pace by allowing virtual credentials to work alongside traditional access cards.

It’s essentially a re-skinnable IOT platform instead of a single-purpose IOT device

On the logical side, they deliver a choice of authentication methods, security levels, and can optionally leverage geolocation, geofencing, and device forensics for increased rules and visibility. All capabilities can be managed centrally, over-the-air, and even be revoked or changed securely through Safetrust’s Credential Manager. Its extensive SDK and APIs can make it play nicely inside or alongside a corporate app and hook events and triggers into actionable workflows and situational controls. Safetrust also propels the success of their mobile identity solutions through the lens of solving business challenges and converts identity from just a security expense into an important part of the enterprise. Safetrust empowers enterprises to make more informed decisions through analysis and insights into user behavior, asset tracking, and resource utilization.

According to the CEO, Jason Hart, “It’s essentially a re-skinnable IOT platform instead of a single-purpose IOT device. Depending on the challenges an organization uniquely faces, desired user experience, and controls they want to implement, it’s just a configuration change powered by handsets instead of reinvesting in new discrete devices and infrastructures each time. We’re constantly developing from this standpoint.”

Managing access to information and resources in today’s dynamic, data-driven environment is a challenge, one that requires much more from identity and access management (IAM) solutions than before. By leveraging Safetrust’s SafeAccess and SafeLogon solutions, organizations can put IAM at the center of their security and IT strategy, allowing them to easily see and govern access across the entire enterprise.


Fremont, CA

Jason Hart, CEO & Co-Founder

Providing physical and logical identity solutions for corporate employees on their mobile devices