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Shawn Keve, EVP of Sales and Marketing
With the marketplace teeming with new technological wonders every passing day, organizations have become overwhelmed by the volume and complexity of solutions to achieve specific requirements. Enterprises are adopting a myriad of tools for different functions, burdening the administration to integrate, manage, and control the functionalities and acquire visibility into and control over who has access to what. These challenges, which are in tangent with the pace of change in technology and proliferation of new operating systems, adds to the identity and access management (IAM) issues that the legacy solutions are inept at solving. This is where Simeio Solutions comes in.

Moving beyond current limitations and the old-fashioned approach to IAM, Simeio Solutions brings to the table Simeio Identity Orchestrator (IO) and the Simeio Identity Intelligence Center (IIC) to provide a comprehensive solution for IAM and Identity Governance delivered as a service. “CIOs and CSOs demand visibility into the risk posture for their enterprise. Invariably, they lack a single platform and view that covers a wide area and brings the various IAM processes and tools together without spending a lot of time to automate and integrate different aspects across their environments,” reveals Shawn Keve, Executive Vice President, Simeio Solutions. “Our mission is to provide a more intelligent way to implement, manage and protect Identity Services by helping our clients adopt a more holistic solution seamlessly.”

Simeio Solutions has developed a platform that can be plugged into and integrated with practically any operating environment that a client wants to control. Provided as a service, the platform offers instant visibility into identities, accounts and entitlements. Backed by a specialized, technically knowledgeable team coupled with a consultative approach, Simeio follows a “service first” philosophy to assist enterprises in building IAM programs from the ground up or optimize their existing solution(s) to mitigate risk and improve security and operations.

To bridge the skill and resource gap in understanding the mechanisms, Simeio effectively strikes the chord with its four-fold path—plan, (re)build, run, refresh—to serve its customers specifically designed to address all issues in identity access and governance and enhance control over enterprise and cloud operations. Contrary to the norm of managing governance superficially, Simeio provides more intelligent (e.g. risk-based access controls) and more specific (e.g. fine-grained controls, Segregation of Duties) controls and access policies.

The uniqueness of Simeio’s IDaaS stems from its ability to deliver interoperability and empower customers to future-proof their IAM systems with the aid of a single platform. Added to that, Simeio controls any discrepancies within the environment by leveraging analytics and intelligence tools to ensure a comprehensive measure, allowing businesses to concentrate on their strategy and goals rather than investing time in implementing tools and synchronizing them. “The genesis of Simeio is based on the vision to consolidate the functionalities of multiple tools into a single IAM platform,” says Keve. “Thereby enabling organizations to save money as well as the implementation time and simultaneously drive improvement within the environment in terms of productivity.”

The genesis of Simeio is based on the vision to consolidate the plethora of IAM tools into a single Identity Access Management (IAM) platform to improve effectiveness and efficiency in protecting our client’s brands, people and assets

The company offers eight core aspects of IAM, of which four have gained more popularity. Identity Administration improves the user experience for the customers while enhancing security profiles. Users can access all interconnected systems, irrespective of their location. Access Governance enables customers to extenuate end-users’ risks related to inappropriate entitlements. Simeio’s Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) as a Service helps customers monitor entitlements and grant access to systems, resulting in greater visibility, besides making way for a detailed overview of processes and prompter responses. Lastly, it effectively reduces the necessity for certificate generation and recertification.

Furthermore, Simeio Access Management and Federation (AMFED) facilitates single sign-on access to IT resources as well as self-service password recovery, with easy registration to all social media platforms. AMFED also ensures high-end security with multi-factor authentication, along with risk or behavior based login procedures. Privileged Identity Management helps customers control access to devices containing confidential information, improve and enforce sustainable policy related to administrative and root accounts, monitor compliance regarding account activity, thereby enhancing the audit processes and visibility.

Simeio’s platform interoperates with most IAM technologies, thus alleviating the burden to start from scratch. While enterprises often take an old-fashioned and time-consuming approach to evaluate and implement different IAM technologies and tools, Simeio Solutions’ platform can be adopted immediately with a quick, automated onboarding process. Simeio usually takes only hours to provision IAM services and days to weeks to complete certified application onboarding. The company assesses if the customer possesses the suitable applications and data readiness and is prepared to lead change management procedures. In an instance, the company helped one of its customers integrate six core platforms (e.g. AD, LDAP, ERP, Mainframe) along with 200 applications into its comprehensive platform with a standard interface within six weeks, allowing this client to complete their first enterprise-wide automated Access Certification in under 12 weeks from start to finish.

Simeio Solutions aims to continue leveraging RPA and AI in order to enhance its IAM offerings. “We have integrated IAM with the entire security fabric rather than taking a siloed approach to IAM,” concludes Keve.

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Shawn Keve, EVP of Sales and Marketing

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