C-HIT: Demystifying the Complexities of Identity Management

Manoj Chaganti, CEO
What is the biggest identity and access management challenge? Is it provisioning and de-provisioning users, managing passwords, controlling access, or fulfilling compliance needs across the organization? “Maybe, it is all of the above, and more,” exclaims Kovilvenni Ramaswamy (Ram), chief innovation officer of C-HIT— an IT company specializing in identity and access management for federal, state, and local organizations. He goes on to explain that these challenges are an ongoing burden for most of the identity management solution providers as they are not able to strike at the core of the problems. Hence, they end up implementing a solution that is fairly complicated, costly, and not user-friendly. Moreover, the companies employ a “one size fits all” approach, which fails to remediate all the customer pain points.“The real issue is not about finding an apt solution but the right approach,” Ram reveals. This is where C-HIT imprints its distinctiveness in the industry. “Our motto is: simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” says Ram. C-HIT minutely observes and notes every key detail of an organization’s workflow to orchestrate the simplest, yet the most potent identity and access management solution.

When it comes to employing an efficient identity management system for federal agencies, another critical challenge that C-HIT stumbles upon is scalability. More often than not, different divisions of a government agency would utilize a solution that was designed in-house, with no interoperability between other departments of the organization. This fragmented nature of the solution adds to the mismanagement and makes it very difficult to scale. C-HIT efficiently modernizes this legacy approach and coalesces multiple divisions to ensure better collaboration between the teams, with strong identity proofing and authentication controls. Explaining this through a case in point, Ram mentions that they once helped a large consumer-facing organization integrate millions of users— internal as well as external partner users—on an identity management system, thereby removing all silos and simplifying the approach to identity management.

“However, implementing a foolproof identity management solution only solves half of the equation,” says Ram. That is where C-HIT goes a step further and offers identity governance and administration (IGA) solutions.

We are a client-driven company, and we aim to provide cutting-edge solutions to clients while striking a balance between our clients and industry advancements

This is a comparatively new concept, and mostly caters to the policies on how to govern user onboarding, termination, and recertification processes, and manage the entire lifecycle of user identity. “Unlike identity access management, which has been fairly deeply-rooted at this point, our customers need closer guidance when it comes to IGA,” mentions Ram. Thus, while incorporating IGA, C-HIT also ensures that their customers are properly educated on the concept. Along with that, C-HIT also helps government agenciesmigrate their identity access and management solution to the cloud.

Federal organizations of different sizes and sorts, seeking to increase confidence in a user’s validity and provide protection from unauthorized access, ride on C-HIT’s coattails to bring more competence and agility to their identity management infrastructure. C-HIT partners with different industry veterans like Oracle, CA Technologies, Okta, Saviynt, and SailPoint to tailor the most robust identity and access management solution.

These partnerships, coupled with C-HIT’s simplified approach, have helped them earn an enviable customer base and many significant milestones. “We are a client-driven company, and we aim to strike a balance between our clients and industry advancements,” says Ram. Treading in that direction, in the years ahead, C-HIT intends to step into the domain of self-governing identity, a decentralized architecture where users can create and manage their identities. “The future of this realm looks promising, and we wish to be at the forefront it,” concludes Ram.


Columbia, MD

Manoj Chaganti, CEO

C-HIT provides comprehensive, reliable, innovative Information Technology, Healthcare, and Health Information Technology (HIT) software development and consulting services to federal, state, and local organizations. C-HIT specializes in enterprise strategy and architecture; project management; identity and access management; software and cloud engineering; big data solutions, data analytics, and business intelligence; HIT systems and data interoperability; cyber and digital security; and quality assurance and independent validation services testing. C-HIT, an 8(a)-certified EDWOSB, with CMS SPARC SB IDIQ, is a process-centric organization, maintaining CMMI Maturity Level 3 for Development and following ITIL and PMBOK-based standards and best practices